From our happy Music Together families:

Don’t take our word for it—hear what other happy Music Together families have to say about Tracie's Music Together  music classes for kids!


"We have the best time every week! It's definitely our favorite activity!!! I bring both my girls and they have a blast!  And they sing ALL the songs at home, too!  We ALL love it!" - Erica in Jupiter


"I've been taking Music Together classes for years and they are hands-down the best classes. We even visit other centers when we are traveling because we miss it so much!  Both my kids took the program and we sing in the house now all the time." - Ashley in Palm Beach Gardens


"We listen to the music NON STOP at home!  It's really special. Nothing else like it!"  - Alyson in Palm Beach Gardens


"We are soooo happy that Music Together came to Stuart!  We used to drive all the way down to Gardens. But it's worth it!  It's the most fun class. worth every pennny and evey mile"  - Amy in Stuart


"Tracie is the MOST AMAZING Music Together Teacher, and someone who has really made a difference! She brings so much enthusiasm and encouragement to EVERY PERSON in her class. I have taken three semesters in a row with her, and my two sons and I absolutely love Miss Tracie. We listen to the CD’s at home and in the car, and they know all of the words and movements. Liam & Carter can’t wait to go to her class each week! Previous to taking Tracie’s class, I had taken one semester with one teacher, and the following semester with a different teacher. Both were okay, but now that I’ve seen what Tracie can do, we had to stay with her! As a former first grade teacher, I really appreciate when a teacher has a gift of managing a class with warmth and respect for everyone there. She handles any little behavior issues with wonderful grace like no one else I’ve seen. Her great love of music and enthusiasm for life is infectious, and I hope Music Together knows about her outstanding talent. She really makes such a difference in a positive way, and I believe she should be recognized for the true gift that she is!!!"  - Barbara in Palm Beach Gardens


"Tracie's Music Together class is FABULOUS!!!  As soon as our daughter, Hannah, sees Tracie, she instantly has a huge smile on her face and starts kicking her legs with excitement!  We started classes when Hannah was less than 5 months old and have been going every week since then.  The "hello everybody" song instantly soothes Hannah and she automatically starts smiling.  Our older son has learned the songs from the CDs and loves singing them to his baby sister.  We look forward to our class every week!!! " - Samara in Palm Beach Gardens


"One of the best aspects of Music Together is that it is a “mixed age class”.  The children learn from their teacher, their parent and each other.  This philosophy carries over to the is one of the few activities that my children have in common and can enjoy together! " - Ashley in Tequesta


"Both my girls LOVE Miss Tracie's Music Together class.  My 18 month old developed such a love of music that her current favorite activity is "singing" along to the Music Together CD in the car.  The repetition of music patterns really holds her attention and it makes my day to hear her little high-pitched sing-songy voice.  My 3 year old asks all the time to go to "music class"...she especially enjoyed the hand gestures, instruments and dance and was so great to have something that both girls could do together.  It's such a nice bonding activity, plus you get quite the workout carrying your baby and dancing with the other moms!" - Tamara in Palm Beach Gardens


"When I signed up for Music Together, my son was 3 months old. I thought he was way too young, but decided to do it anyways. He loved that class (and Tracie!) from the first note of the hello song. When we first started, he could only lay on his his belly and watch all the older kids sing and dance around him. Now, a few months later, he sits to play the instruments, shakes the eggs and still lights up every time Tracie sings." - Lisa in Jupiter


"Music Together has brought so much joy into our lives. Not only does this program teach music through movement and songs, but also promotes self-expression and family togetherness. Can't beat such a well-rounded approach to learning and fun."


"My daughter has learned the language of music, she LOVES to sing, dance and make music out of anything.  We find her singing in her crib when she wakes up! Also, developmentally, MT has been fantastic for her, great opportunity for parent/caregiver to participate together in a really fun experience. I would highly recommend this class and Ms. Tracie is FABULOUS instructor!!!" - Ale in Jupiter


"Music together is fun for all ages and I truly enjoy taking my kids to the classes. It also encourages you to bring music into your home and has provided hours of entertainment for my family. Miss Tracie has extraordinary energy and an amazing ability to connect with the children." - Melinda in Jupiter


"Miss Tracie's Music Together is always an upbeat, joyous adventure.  Tracie's boundless energy and enthusiasm is highly contagious and it draws in even the most shy babies/kids.  I love watching my daughter's face light up as she recognizes the songs and gestures in the class.  I believe the class fosters a love of music and provides an opportunity for kids to gain a sense of rhythm.  If I had to choose 1 mommy and me class with my daughter - Miss Tracie's Music Together would hands down be the choice!" - Kathy in Jupiter


"Music Together is the highlight of our week! It is amazing, as soon as we starting singing (in class, or out), he starts putting his hands on his knees, clapping and dancing. Seeing the excitement in Carson during class always makes me smile!" - Lauren in Jupiter


"Tracie has made the Music Together program come alive and we have incorporated it into our lives everyday. My daughter and I love this program and Tracie is an amazing teacher!" - Amy in Wellington


"Tracie's Music Together was such a gift for my daughter and I to experience. After returning home from completing her adoption, class was a perfect bonding experience. It allowed us to connect through music and movement, establishing a wonderful base for self expression and most importantly we had fun. My daughter and I still sing our favorite songs together." - Shawney in Palm City


"Tracie and Music Together have been such a huge part of our lives. We have been listening, singing & dancing to the songs for over three years!  There is not a single car ride without them! After taking classes with Tracie & other instructors, there is no comparison! She's wonderful!" - Andrea in Jupiter