Music Together Online

You can still join us for our virtual Spring Semester! We have a special online offer right now! For $49 for the month of April, you can virtual music class with your favorite Music Together teacher!  Here's what you'll get! 1. We will text/email a CODE to access the new MARACAS music. 2. You’ll get THREE 15 minute “classes” recorded (and can be saved!) on Zoom each week by your favorite teacher. You can watch  - over and over again - at your schedule with your whole family!  3. You will work with your teacher directly to schedule a weekly :20 minute LIVE FaceTime or Zoom get-together! You'll get to hear your teacher sing The Hello Song to YOUR child!  Lastly, We will also provide at-home activity ideas, downloadable/printable content, videos from our headquarters and access to a private FB "Maracas" group for some community bonding and additonal content.

This money will go directly to your teacher, helping them during this unstable time, as well as give you a customized music program for your family!  

* Please remember: Our hope is not that you use the screen to solely "entertain" your children, but use this as an educational and scheduling tool for YOURSELF to PROVIDE some incredibly powerful bonding and music activities for you AND your child and family together while you are at home!