Music Together Online

Want to TRY an ONLINE class at Tracie's Music Together? Text Miss Tracie at 561-400-7489 and let her know which of THESE classes you'd like to TRY:  Monday or Wednesay at 10am, Tuesday at 10:30, Wednesday at 11:30, Saturday at 9am or Sunday at 10am. Or if you have an infant, try Monday at Noon! Miss Tracie will respond with a Zoom link!

Welcome to MUSIC TOGETHER ONLINE!  Click HERE for the schedule! We are having so much fun! Once the children/parents listen to our music at home on our custom "Hello Everybody" APP, they know all this music and we all sing together virtually!  It's really working!  TRICK:  The parents join in, too!  We are not passive screentime, we are active, interactive singalong playtime!  To TRY a free ZOOM class, send me an email with the subject line ZOOM and I'll send a few invites! Click HERE to send an email.

ZOOM SUMMER SEMESTER 1 is a SIX- WEEK semester for $90. It includes  1) Unlimited :30 minute Zoom Classes (you really get personal attention from your teacher!) 2) PLUS Classes by age/activity preference!  Check out the schedule for all the options!  3) PLUS access to pre-recorded classes that you can access ANYTIME you need them!  4) PLUS, for NEW folks, there is a NEW cd, book and dowload code called KAZOO - and we'll MAIL it to you! . Join Us!  It will be educational AND Fun! The whole family can join!  You'll get the Zoom Id before the first day!

IN PERSON at DTAG!  Summer Semester at Downtown at the Gardens is $126 and also includes one weekly in-person outdoor class and the Kazoo materials to enjoy at home!

Music Together Classes this SUMMER include the following:

ALL classes will include what we are famous for:

Singing together, dancing together, learnign together, interacting musically, laughing... loving...sparking JOY at HOME!

- Family Class/Mixed Age - the same mixed age concept you are used to!  We do it all in this class and accommodate everyone throughout the lesson plan and throughout the semester.-

- Babies 1 for babies around age 0 - 6 months OR babies that aren't moving just yet and prefer to snuggle, coo, bond with mom, dance lightly and LOVE A LOT!

- Babies 2 for babies around age 6-12 months OR babies that are sitting up and love to sing, wiggle, play the drums & more!

- Sit & Sing for children around age 1 - 2 that simply enjoy singing together, instrument-play, hanging out & more! Not much "dancing" yet!

- Movers & Shakers for children around age 2+ that want to sing and dance and do it ALL!

- Big Kids Rock - This is for ages OLDER!  Lots of moving and making up our own songs and using the book AND MORE! Younger siblings welcome!