Terms and Conditions

* PLEASE NOTE: Refunds are only available 24 hours after your first class. NO REFUNDS on DROP-IN Classes!  Thank You!

* CLASS DATES: The first week of the WINTER 2021 Semester is January 10th.  

* BONUS: You can access my virtual classes anytime as a bonus option and as a makeup option. There will be one new class posted per week. Directions: Go to my website www.traciesmusictogether.com. LOGIN to the site the same way you do when you register for a class. Then look for the FAMILY PORTAL link. Then look for the PRERECORDED classes button. The password is "familymusic". These will be available starting December 1st.

DOULA CLASSES - You will LOVE it!  Due to class size restrictions, there are NO MAKEUP CLASSES during the semester in the Doula's room!  However, if you miss a class, I can send you a virtual recording of a class to use at home OR you can visit me at Downtown Gardens! Also, we have a "Graduation Party" at the end of the semester! 

IMPORTANT: These Social Distance-SING classes are 30-40 minutes outside at Downtown at the Gardens near IT'S SUGAR in the shaded area - just off center court. Please note: DTAG is undergoing some construction soon and we may need to move our location.  Safety is our first concern! We will take as many safety precautions as we can. I am limiting attendance each week. We will mark spots 6 feet away from eachother. If we cannot socially distance, we will need masks (not for under age 2.) Please come ANOTHER day if you are showing any signs of sickness. Please do not come at all if you are in one of the high-risk groups! And please respect everyone's distance! (Note: I bring RED TOWELS for those families that are extra senstitive. Take a RED TOWEL and then everyone will know NOT to come near you!) Lastly, all instruments are freshly cleaned - but please do not share! We will ONLY be SHARING our love of music!  Parent involvement will be crucial...and FUN!

- MAKEUP CLASSES: There are NO makeups during the semester. You will have access to ONLINE classes if you miss an in-person class. The kids still LOVE it! Thanks for your understanding!

- WEATHER: I will only cancel class if it’s raining/storming SIDEWAYS!  :).  We are undercover so if it’s just “regular” raining, we will STILL have class!  If you are unsure, check my website.  I will post a weather update at the top of the NEWS section on the homepage. 

Families, by registering for this class, you understand that Tracie's Music Together LLC isn't responsible should you become ill. We are all a community!  Let's work towards some fun, safe MUSIC TOGETHER!

Much Love, Miss Tracie 561-400-7489. Text anytime!
Venmo is @traciekrieger. Zelle is 561-400-7489